About Me

Donald Piccione MSc is a professional Marketer with more than 10 years experience gained on the field through Marketing Agencies jobs and personal study/research.

He is specialized in Conversion Optimization and Voice Search Optimization with a focus on Hotel Bookings having previously worked for Bookassist as Digital Marketing Specialist. He is the author of an academic exploratory study on the key factors driving hotel booking behaviour among consumers living in Ireland (2018).

In 2008 he founded in Dublin one of the leading websites for Italians who want to visit, work, live in Ireland, called Tuttoirlanda (the word “Tutto”┬ámeans all, while Irlanda is Italian name that stands for Ireland) where he also contributes with articles and guides for the Italian Community in Ireland.

Among his hobbies and interest, he is an avid Google Map contributor, currently a level 7 Google Local Guide, helping with improvements in Google Maps data in local areas of Dublin and cities where he travels for holiday or work purposes.

Donald Piccione can be reached using this contact form, also you can check his professional profile on LinkedIn. or follow him on Instagram (@Donography).