Bookmark – Useful Website Sources and Friends

This page contains a list of useful websites and sources that I visit regularly or I keep in touch. It contains also some of my website projects as well as friends and other websites I strongly recommend.

>HAM Radio

This page of my website contains a complete list of links to HAM Radio websites, tools, Diplomas.

>Projects & Works

Alesimplerecipes – This is a Recipes website started a few years ago. My wife and I are very passionate about food so I decided to give her a website where to write recipes, all prepared and tested by us. – This is one of my ongoing project where I provide SEO consultancy on a regular basis. I saw this website growing in traffic and customer quotation requests. I am very proud.

>Marketing Websites

Moz Blog – Up to date blog with useful topics on SEO and SEM and Digital Marketing

Search Engine Land – It doesn’t require any introduction. This is one of Must website to follow. If you don’t know this website, you are missing already stuff on Marketing.

>HAM Radio

IRTS is the Irish Radio Transmitter Society body in Ireland for radio amateur and radio enthusiasts.


Medium – I found this recently and you can find very good articles written by everyday people who are experts on their subject. Some examples: Money, Culture, Media, Politics. The free version allows you to read 3 featured article per month, although there are tons of free articles to read. I am using the free version.


IcoBench – If you are into cryptocurrency and ICO, this website tells you if one ICO is to avoid or you can think as a future investment.

IcoStats – This tracks ICO performances after they are released into the Crypto market. Very useful.

EtherScan – To see Ethereum transactions and much more.

Coinbase – Very well know crypto exchange and wallet.

Other stuff
Feel free to let me know if you think your link should be listed here

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