How to Transfer a Domain without headaches

The first time you wanted to have a website, you needed to choose a domain name and a hosting service to store your data and images. Usually in this case we search online for reviews and deals before purchasing the whole package or just the domain. After few years we have been managing our website, we start looking around for better prices or better services. For example, when I started my website experience was the year 2008 and in Ireland there weren’t around enough choices for web hosting. I remember at that time I purchased a domain and shared hosting with Godaddy because it was the only one accessible to my budget and I could do everything online. Nowadays there is plenty of choices and competition helps to reduce hosting or domain price down, especially when you are a new customer. Sometimes, moving from a hosting to another there is also the needs to transfer the domain. In fact, although the domain is still regulated by the Domain Authority, the service provider is the intermediary. This means for example that if my domain is purchased from Godaddy and I want to move it to Register365 I will have to do some work to transfer to the second provider. In this post I will help you to understand how to transfer a domain without headaches.

Just to be clear, if you change your hosting, it is not compulsory you have to transfer your domain to the hosting provider. In fact you need just to change in the DNS configuration of the domain the IP address that points to the new hosting. Same if you have a CDN you just need to change the IP into the dashboard. As the title of this post says, I will help you to know more about transferring a domain.

Give some time for the Expiration Date of the current domain

This means that if you are going to transfer your domain you should do it within 60 days of it’s expiration. Domain authority states that it might take up to 30 days to do the transfer so, in extremely case you need to act it earlier before its domain expiration.

Unlock your current domain

When purchase a domain, in some cases its status is on locked. This means that nobody except you may transfer or purchase this domain. It is a kind of security and piece of mind. Before asking the other provider to accept your current domain you have to unlock it. In any dashboards in the domain section, usually DNS or domain information, you can find this option.

Get the authorization code

Same as in the before mentioned section there would be a box where to get by email the domain authorization code. This authorization code has to be given to the new service provider so that they can start the procedure to get your domain. The authorization code is sent to the email used to register the domain.

New Provider: Time to start the procedure to transfer your domain

On the new domain provider dashboard, usually under the domain section, you will see a field called “Domain Transfer” or “Transfer your Domain“. You have to type into the box the domain name, plus its extension (.com, .org, etc). Next step is to set the Nameservers. If you are managing your DNS with this new domain provider, then you will see hints of what nameservers to type. Sometimes this are already populated. If you are using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for example in my case Cloudflare, I will have to type in their nameservers. Next step is to type in the Authorization code you got before and finally make the payment for purchasing your domain.

This is a generic but standard procedure on how to transfer a web domain. Some domain providers might have similar names or sections mentioned above, but I wanted to give you a clear process on what you need to do to transfer your domain.

It is also important to know:

-Every domain seller provider has its own knowledge base on domain transfer. It is advisable to read that page to get familiar with the dashboard domain section.

-Some domain providers or hosting providers give your a free domain transfer service. This because they can acquire a new customer. If this is the case, you can contact them or send them an email and it will be even more easier.

-If you are not confident with this procedure, you might ask to a friend or a colleague who has more experience and get advice or ask them if they can do it for you.

-If you feel you need help, you can leave a comment below and I will try to answer to your questions

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