How to Get a free SSL Certificate for https

If you own a personal website or self-hosting blog in WordPress, you don’t need to spend money in SSL certificates. Keeping in mind that a free SSL┬ácertificate is usually a multi-domain type so it is shared among other websites (up to 50 websites). This means that you won’t pay a cents but on the other side, your website is among others for the same sharing certificate.

Most often it is not guaranteed that the SSL issuer checks the quality of other websites as far as it is ok with the domain name (example: don’t infringe copyright or trademark policies) but this is another story.

So, long story short, how you get your free SSL certificate? Cloudflare is your answer.

There are other companies who are offering a similar service and certificate but so far I have found Cloudflare being reliable and also giving other free services such as CDN (Content Delivery Network), Data Analytics, Firewall, etc.

This SSL Certificate resides in their own Cloudflare platform through their DNS, so, in order to use it, you need to move your nameservers (stored in your domain) to their nameservers (usually Elsa and Hank).

These are the steps to follow:

  1. Register with Cloudflare;
  2. Confirm some settings (A, CNAME, etc);
  3. move nameservers to Cloudflare dns/cdn;
  4. Activate Free SSL Certificate and do some settings on your WordPress website;
  5. Enjoy the Free Certificate


Please note: Trademarks/Copyrights/Logo goes to their respective owners. I am not endorsed by Cloudflare. I don’t participate in any affiliation. I just want to share my knowledge and the use of this free product.

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