Google Core Update – June 2019

On 2nd June 2019, Danny Sullivan on behalf of  Google Search Liaison twitted a message to inform their followers that over the coming days a new broad Core Algorithm Update was planned to be released to all the Google Data servers, including Dublin, Ireland where the Google European HQ is located, in the Docklands area.

This news reached all over the Internet and gained massive responses among  Marketers and seo enthusiasts. Some replies where just twitter complaints with animated gif images, just to try catch attention from Google team like John Mueller,  others more interesting, from users who actually shared traffic data and their personal experience, like Marie Haynes.

On the overall and from the twitter replies, this new Google Core Update has raised more clues than actually firm answers. I personally experienced traffic improvements from all my website assets which I wasn’t surprised. After all, as a professional Marketer, you do things based on your experience learned on the field and gained knowledge over the years.

What Google is trying telling us with this new 2019 Core Search Algo Update?

In my very humble opinion, I don’t see anything new here, neither magical. Over the years, Google have been working on improving Quality Search Results for their users, analyzing either manually (Quality Search Team) and with complex artificial intelligence algorithm million of websites. Although still not the best algorithm and sometimes, depending on the info you are searching for, some of their results are not as good as it seems, but, still showing good grasp of what website to show on the first page. How this happens?

1) Quality content
Believe it or not, content is still the basement of good SEO strategy but it doesn’t have to be focused only on SEO. In fact, this should be natural, genuine, original. I still see websites who have been created only with SEO in mind, focusing on Keyword density, search phrases, internal linking and other well known strategies. Instead it should carry a natural comprehensive content aim to entertain or give useful info to a reader. What Google have been trying to tell over the years is “Are your readers happy and satisfied while visiting your website?”

2) Website performance
Coming back from the previous question. Are you readers satisfied of the loading speed of the pages? Are they satisfied with the user experience? Waiting long time than the necessary they would just hit the back button and go to the next website in the list. Google or not Google, you lost an opportunity.

3) Avoid backlink obsession
In 2019 we are still obsessed about backlinks and how to get desperately one for our website, at the point of going on the Internet and soliciting website admins or in the worst case scenario, buying them on some platforms. If your website provides great content and shows that you worked hard to be better than other websites, you will see that other website link you back.

4) Again: Focus on your website users not on what Google would think if you do something
Over the years I have been hearing people telling me the same sentence: “If we do xxxxx , Google will be happy and rank our website better”. “Google says if we do that, our website will gain more traffic”. Hence the focus is shifted away from the user.  Think instead “What can I do to improve User Experience, engagement, entertaining my user?” Find that instead.

5) Yes Google Best Practices are still valid, they never changed, so be sure to follow them
Being over focused on SEO tactics or SEO strategies, we loose sometimes the aim of what we want to achieve. Start from the basic. Are you complaint with Google Best Practices? Example: does your page have a useful title and meta description?

Another thing above all is web authority and it is measured on how your “brand” resonates on the Internet. This can happen though conversation, mentions on Media Outlets, events etc. If you are just a drop into the ocean would be more difficult to be noticed rather than a big wave. That’s why on-page SEO activity only is not enough. You have also “to be seen in public by other people and get to know you”. Are you on Social Media?

If you have any thoughts or experience you want to share with me, please add it on the comment section. I will read it and reply.

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