How to use One4all digital gift card in Tesco stores?

Getting a One4all gift card it is always a nice experience, as it allows to have control on what gift we wanna get (of course, limited by the amount loaded into the card). One choice for me among hundreds of shops available online and in store is Tesco Ireland.

However, it’s important to note that using the One4all digital gift card at Tesco stores might not be as straightforward as you expect. Additionally, depending on the store you visit, you may encounter staff members who are unfamiliar with the process. This means you have to wait till you can get somebody who knows on how to process the payment.

In this article, I will provide useful information on how to use your One4all digital gift card in Tesco stores located in Ireland. For the digital gift card, I am referring to the virtual card you receive via SMS message and/or email. Essentially, someone like your employer or friend goes online and purchases a digital voucher to be sent to your email and phone.

How can you use it at Tesco then?

The simple and easy way would be to spend the exact amount of money or less that are topped up into the virtual card. Let’s say you got €20 digital gift and you spend €19.99 . You don’t need anything else to do. You just use your virtual card with your smartphone through the One4all App and that’s it.

What happens if I want to spent €50 and I have €20 digital gift and I want to pay the rest of the amount by cash or debit card?

Depending on the Tesco store where you are shopping, you need to go to a Help Desk or a shopping till and inform them that you are using a One4all digital gift card and state the amount of the digital voucher. They will then split the total amount to be paid into two different payment methods: the first covers the digital gift card (in our example above: €20). Once you have paid with the digital One4all gift card, you will be prompted to pay the remaining amount of money, which, in our example, is €30. Those can be paid by cash or a debit card.

Be sure to check your smartphone settings

Since the virtual gift card by One4all is loaded onto their app, you need to make sure to: 1) enable NFC (contactless payment) on your mobile phone, and 2) authorize the One4all app as your primary digital payment or wallet. Otherwise, when you touch the POS with your mobile, it might load the Google or iPhone wallet, resulting in the inability to pay.

This article has been written to give you knowledge on how you can make the most of using an One4all virtual gift card for Tesco. In case Tesco staff doesn’t know this, you can explain it to them.

Feel free to add below in the comment your experience while using this voucher card in Tesco’s.

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