How to Use CCleaner like a Pro

If you are wondering on how to use CCleaner, you have got the right article. I will explain you where download it for free and how to use it like a Pro in no time.


According by the company itself “CCleaner is a small, effective utility for computers running Microsoft Windows that cleans out the ‘junk’ that accumulates over time: temporary files, broken shortcuts, and other problems”. [1]

I would like to add that one great thing about Ccleaner is also the cleaning of Windows Registry Keys, startup programs (and their associated HKLM keyes), plugins and much more. For example, I used this program to resolve the famous annoying issue of SBAVMonL.dll pop up.

Legal Disclaimer: The author of this article is not responsible in any legal terms if any action you perform on your computer may modify, erase of compromise the data. If you continue reading you accept this terms and condition and therefore I am not liable for anything caused by your PC or your happiness (unless of course you are happy reading this article). I know it is just a pile of c**p writing this but it has to be done to cover my butt.

How to install Free version of Ccleaner

Simply go to FileHippo repository, and on your right hand side of the top corner you can see a button with “Download the latest version”. Click on it. On the next page you will see a message that states your program is being downloaded. Once you have downloaded, install it on your PC. A message will prompt asking you if you wish to proceed. You should be able to see the author name as Pirisoft Software Ltd to ensure it is a legit file. Just follow the next steps and you are done.

How to use CCLEANER the first time. Basic Settings

Once you have installed for the first time, I will give you some priceless tips on what you have to do to get the most of this program and clean better your PC.

1) CLEANER section > Windows Tab – Ensure you ticked all the following boxes

ccleaner cleaner section

2) CLEANER section > Applications – Ensure you ticked all the following boxes

Please be aware that some applications listed in the below picture may not appear in your ccleaner tab because you haven’t installed, while others you have installed are not shown here. The important here is to ensure to tick the same boxes, such as session and Compact Databases.

ccleaner cleaner menu programs

3) REGISTRY section – Ensure to tick all the boxes

CCleaner registry section

Now it is time to Run the Cleaner

After you applied the settings above, you can run your first cleaning session. Go to Cleaner Tab and on the bottom of the app you will see the button “Analyse”. The program will start analyse all your files on the computer and at the end gives you a summary of what you can save in space. To clean it, you need just to click on Run Cleaner button on the right side. When you run the cleaner you need to close all the browsers, otherwise you get a message to do so.

Registry Cleaner too

Once you have done cleaning the files from your computer, it is time to clean the registry file. Basically every time you install or upgrade a program there are some registry file that are not used anymore. It is best practice to clean all of them so the PC can run smoothly.

On the Registry section, you can press the “Scan for Issues” button where at the end you will end up with a list of issues such as “Missing Shared DLL”, “Unused File Extension”, “Invalid Default Icon”, “Active X/COM Issue”, etc.

ccleaner Registry Tool Cleaner

As you see from the picture above all the issues are ticked as per default. You need to press the button on the right side “Fix Selected Issue”. You will be prompted to optionally back up these registry. It is up to you to do it. Either you backup or not, the next step would be to click on “Fix all the selected Issues”. You will see at the end of the cleaning the list becomes empty as all the issue are fixed.

If you want to keep your PC healthy and decluttered from your unused files, you can scan it every 2 weeks using this tool. Once in a while you will get a message that a new version is available to be downloaded. Just click on yes and follow also my instruction I wrote above regarding the CCleaner installation.

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