How to keep track on unfollowers on Instagram

One of the dirty tricks that some Instagram users do is start following other IG users, then suddenly once they followed back they just unfollow within few days. This means that their IG account will have plenty of followers and few to follow, like the celebrities. Luckily for you, I am going to explain on how to keep track of these users so you can unfollow and block them as well.

You might be aware that on the Internet there are companies who have online paid tools, where for example connects to your IG account, trying to gain followers with the above trick. This can be done based on a particular keyword, hashtag or interaction you set on this tools. Blatant to say that this is not the right way to gain followers on Instagram. Also nowadays, Instagram itself started to analyse this kind of behavior and if you get caught you might risk a suspension.

One thing I found, it is difficult to notice when these IG accounts unfollow you. In fact, you need to go to your account, click on followers and check your list. It takes ages and also if you start having 1,000 or more followers, it becomes crazy to keep track of it. Not to mention you have to remember the name of all the followers 🙂

Another alternative, very smart and simple, is to install a free app who keeps track of IG accounts who unfollow you, so you are able to unfollow them too automatically.

There are plenty of APPS on the market that do the job, so one thing you can do is to go to App Store or Play Store and search for “Unfollowers” or “Instagram Unfollowers” and see what you can get. Otherwise you can read below a list either for Iphone and Android Phone.

Apple iphone

Android Phones

Having myself an Android phone and also thanks Google you can search for Apps on any Internet Desktop Browser it makes things more easy.

How these Unfollowers apps works?

Once you installed into your smart phone, you are prompt to access to your Instagram account by login and password. Once you are authenticated, the app will start to gather data on followers. Since then, any Instagram user who follows you change their mind and unfollows you, the app will show this and you can on your arbitrary decision remove the user from following just pressing a button. If you have android system phone, I would advise to use the Followers – Unfollowers App. I am using for a good 2 years now and never had issue with that. Of course you are free to choose what best app suits you and have a try. Feel free to leave in the comment below if you found a good unfollower app to recommend and I will put into the list above. Please tell me also why.



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