How to get 50 Instagram Followers in 60 minutes for Free

This for sure is not a great example of Marketing skills, neither best marketing practices, although I want to share with you on How to get about 50 Instagram followers for free in 1 hour. Maybe it can be helpful somehow.

Just to be sure you got it clear: Nothing magic or fake in doing this. No need to pay anything nor add any account credentials (login or passwords). I have been tested this with one Instagram dummy account and it works. There is no danger neither issues to be suspended by Instagram so you don’t have to worry about it.

>>>Brief parenthesis: This not the way you should work on Instagram if, for example, you are a business or a company. This is just a test I did it and I wanted to let you. Maybe you have a personal account that you don’t mind to follow people you don’t know and be followed by IG users you don’t know either. For sure, your account will gain up to 50 followers or more.

There are three types of Instagram followers:

  1. Real users who engage with you liking and commenting;
  2. Real users who don’t engage with you;
  3. Fake Instagram users who follow you using a bot or program. These are not engaging, these are not real but it serves the scope of increasing number of followers.

In the last case, it is not advisable to have many of them because if you have for example 1,000 followers and only a bunch of users likes your posts, you are telling Instagram AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithm that your posts suck because nobody likes them. If you start with a new IG account and you want to show to people who might follow you because you have already some followers, it will increase chances of getting that extra, real follower.

It is imperative to have posted at least 10-15 good images before doing the following, otherwise, you won’t be credible to have 50 Instagram followers and no images. Why the follow you in that case? Exactly.


So, what did I do to gain these free Instagram Followers?

If you search online you can find plenty of websites who offer you followers from 10 up to 1,000 Euro. Of course you don’t have to buy any. There is an option to test their service, meaning that they can send you up to 20 followers for free. You just need to type in your username and click next. Remember: Never disclose any password with anybody. Only your IG account.

What to avoid in this case:

  • websites who ask login details or using your IG account
  • to do surveys in order to get your followers. It is just a waste of time
  • Don’t pay a cents for this, you can get a sample free of charge and reach 50 users easily.

What website did I try? One is called BuzzDayz. There, you can choose the Free 20 Instagram Followers. You just have to type in your username and email. Now, you don’t need to type a real email. Like that website, there are others (example: iDigic)  where you can get 20 users in one shot. Just search for “Free Instagram followers” and similar query. Remember, no credit card, no login details. I didn’t add any link to these above websites because I don’t promote stuff (unless they pay me 🙂 ).

Another source for free followers: Instagram itself.

On Instagram, there are hashtags who are used to let other users know that you follow back, some example to use are: #followforfollow #followbackalways #follow4follow etc, etc. As I wrote in the title, you want to get 50 followers in one hour so you can stick to these hasthags. If you want to use this “technique” longer, then you can find similar hashtags. When you click on one of the above hashtags you see that other users posted and they are in theory looking for a mutual following exchange. You have to follow them (better if you like the profile and their pictures) and they would do the same.

Doing what I explained above (start with first step, then the second) would give you around 50 free Instagram followers within 60 minutes.

Again, this was my personal test to see if I could reach this number and I got 55 users so was great success. Be sure you don’t mind to have strangers who follow your account. If you are not comfortable, don’t do it.

You can also follow my IG profile @donography and I will follow you back. I am a real user 🙂

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