My Essential WordPress plugins

If you own a WordPress website or you are planning to build one, you might wonder what plugin to use, because sooner or later you will need one. For example, you might need one plugin for SEO and overall website optimization, one plug-in to ensure to protect your website and so on. Luckily I have been working on WordPress websites for a while and this is the list of my Essential WordPress plugins I cannot live without them. I am using all the following on free version or freemium, but depending on what are your needs you can buy the premium version and in some case hire the developers.

1.WordPress Security Plugin
You can have a beautiful, colourful, rich of content websites, but if it lacks security, it may be attacked, stolen, put down. For that reason, I use iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security) because provides a peace of mind and it is relatively simple to use. If you are not familiar with it, you will need to spend some time on their documentation to pass the learning curve. Once you are in it will be easy as a piece of cake.

2.SEO – Search Engine Optimization
Without any doubts Yoast SEO is one of the best and complete SEO plugin for WordPress. These guys are actively working on this plugin since 2008 and providing updates to the plug-in. The name of this plugin is taken from its founder and CEO Joost De Valk who works and live in The Netherlands.

3.Really Simple SSL
Nowadays is a must to have your website in https protocol. When once was just an option, now is a duty and Google started checking it with its squid algorithm. If you still unsure of what SSL certificate to get, you can think of having one free of charge. Be sure to understand that this plugin doesn’t work as SSL certificate but it necessary to have if you want to have your website in https.

4.Spam Destroyer
Who likes spam? Exactly. Nobody except who does spam. This plugin doesn’t require any settings. You just need to install and activate it. That’s it. Ryan Hellyer, its developer, defines his plugin:

Stops automated spam while remaining as unobtrusive as possible to regular commenters. The Spam Destroyer plugin is intended to be effortless to use. Simply install, and enjoy a spam free website

5.Metronet Tag Manager
Although it seems strange you need to install a plugin for Tag Manager, if you have been working with Google Tag Manager for a while and all your scripts are managed by GTM, you know the answer. This plugin by Ronald Huereca, does what it says on the tin. Once you install the plugin you have just to copy and past the GTM code! Also (more important) it allows you to play with some dynamic variables that can be collected by GTM. If you don’t know what I am talking about it is fine. One day you will appreciate it.

In Conclusion, there are plenty of Free plugins for WordPress out there to choose from. No matter what purpose you are going to use your WordPress: Personal blog, eCommerce, News, etc. These listed above will still the essential you must have after you installed your new fresh copy of WordPress.


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