Ham Radio: ARISS SSTV transmission activities

ARISS is the Amateur Radio on the International Space Station, which relates to all the Amateur Radio activities onboard of the ISS. The ISS is a space station that orbits around the earth and onboard there are astronauts. Time permitting they are also dedicating part of their work or spare time to the Amateur Radio, like for example in this case the SSTV transmissions. More about ARISS here (official website).

SSTV stands for Slow Scan TV, which is basically the transmission throught radio frequency of an analogic signal (you can hear a sound), then once decoded into digital (image) shows an image like the following:

SSTV Image from ISS Station

The above image was trasmitted by the International Space Station on Saturday 26 June 2021 at approximately 07:45 am UTC on 145.800 Mhz FM. The Station was passing above Ireland and the UK at 425 Km height at the speed of 27,589 Km/h. In the picture, Mike Hopkins KF5LJG and other ham radio amateurs/astronauts using Ham TV. As you can read the RS0ISS is the special call sign used by the ISS to transmit the image.

The following is the “sound” received in order to decode to the image above. If you are interested or want to decode this signal, what you need is just an SSTV decoder, easily available for free as Android App or Iphone App.

Using myself an Android phone I decoded the image with Robot36 App which is 100% free. The mode is PD120.

Interesting to know, that during certain events, if you are ham radio operator, you can also apply for awards or certificates, like the SSTV Awards (official website) and apply for it, upon the proof of reception of a SSTV image from the ISS. This is runs all the year and each month there are new interesting awards and images to be received. This time the topic was about the “Expedition 65 – ARISS Series 18 ISS-Mir-Shuttle” mission. The award was running from 21 to 26 January 2021.

If you want to see more images sent by the ISS during this award, you can check at the ARISS SSTV Gallery Page.

Nevertheless, if you are interested in Ham Radio / Radio Amateur you can contact me or leave a comment below. Also you can check the Irish Radio Transmitter Society web page which is the Official organ of coordination of Radio Amateur activities in Ireland.

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