How to fix SBAVMonL DLL Error in Windows 10 Once for All

After updating my O.S. to Windows 10 I got this annoying pop-up message on SBAVMonL.dll every time I switch on my PC.

The message states: “There was a problem starting SBAVMonL.dll The specified module could not be found” although I have an Italian language OS, just in case you are Italian and you are looking for the same solution, the message in Italian says:Errore durante l’avvio di SBAVMonL.dll – Impossibile trovare il modulo specificato“.

What is the issue with SBAVMonL or SBAVMon? Can be fixed?

While Windows is booting, it looks for a DLL file (SBAVMonL.dll) into their system Directory. This DLL relates to Creative Labs SB Monitor Launcher utility for Sound Blaster products. Windows cannot find it so it tells you that there is an error. This can be fixed easily. I just want to give you an overall of what I found online before fixing on my way.

What solutions I found online that didn’t work or I wouldn’t advice?

What I did first, as I suppose you did it as well, is searching on …Google if you can find a solution.

1)First page I found was from Microsoft Community Forum, which unfortunately didn’t provide a real solution. This because it was advised to go to the old directory in your PC where the previous O.S. was installed. In my case I didn’t have any windows.old file so it didn’t work.

Another solution I found online is actually to go to search for this DLL from a third party website, download and install into Windows and you fix it. This is a very bad solution because DLL’s are used also by hackers and scammers to infect your computer. You will never know if a website is 100% genuinely safe or it might be but, they might not know that they have an infected DLL. Rule of thumb, never, ever, download a file like this from a website. Never ever install it in your machine. NEVER!

My easy fix against SBAVMonL.DLL error

There is one program you must have anyway and use on regular basis called CCLEANER. This program cleans unused files, temporary files etc, improving the speed of your PC. I use this program since I used to work on behalf of Microsoft as Technical Support Advisor back in 2007 for Windows XP. Did I tell you I used to work as Technical Support Advisor? No? Now you know. Once you are in the Ccleaner page (I shared the link before) you see the Free version column. Scroll down till you see a link to Filehippo repository. Click on that link and in the new page, you see a green button on the right side corner that allows you to download the free version of Ccleaner. Again this is nothing related to affiliation, commissions or stuff like that. The program is free and you must have installed anyway. In another post, I will tell you more about this program so you can improve your PC performance. Once you downloaded, you install it and run it.

When you open Ccleaner program (or APP if you are a Millennial) You see a menu on your left side like this

CCleaner menu and the SBAVMonL loading

From the left side to the right side, select Tools > Startup then see the Windows tab there is a list of Programs. Go to locate the program called “Creative SB Monitoring Utility Launcher“. You see that has a YES on enabled (means that it runs every time you switch on your PC). Clicking on that and you can see on the right side the button “Disable“. I advice using the disable button instead of Delete. This way you can have a test to see if disabling may cause further issue. If not you can eventually go back to these steps and use the Delete button.

You can now close this program and restart your PC. You should be able, like me, to have fixed this annoying pop-up message.

As usual, you are more than welcome to share your thoughts in the comment area below.

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  1. Finally a common sense answer to fixing the SBAVMonL.dll problem on startup in Windows 10.
    The info and methodology is sound, simple and clearly explained.

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