Bing Ads PPC Policy Disallowes all Covid-19 related items

At the time I am writing this post, while working from home, the current Google Bing Ads Policy doesn’t allow any items related to Covid-19. This as I was told by a Bing Ads Support Agent on chat this morning. Checking the Microsoft Bing Ads Policy page, there is no direct reference to Covid-19 policies. Even going deeper on the page for Disallowed and restricted items, no mentions about Corona virus or similar topic. Why? So it seems this is something recently enforced by following a Government guideline or legislation, as I have been told this morning. If from one side it makes sense to stop using and exploiting particular keywords during particular crucial times, on the other side not everybody are advertising the same restricted items (Although no reference on what is restricted and what is admissible).

As Digital Marketer, I am currently managing the PPC campaigns for the company I am working for. Despite the global trend for many businesses of stopping the paid advertisement,  I believe it is now the right time of spending money because there is less competition. This translates in less Cost per click and more impression share. This is a very valuable opportunity if you run an eCommerce selling items online.

Getting into specific in this instance I am promoting Social Distancing signs, queue management signs and safety posters, either floor or vertical signs. As you can read and check the link, there is no reference to Covid-19 or virus, etc. These are just safety signs for the social distancing, things that doesn’t require to be a GP to sell and actually these might help any Irish business to manage their customer traffic flow who comes in the store and their staff as well who works there for 8 hours or more.

This according to the “novel” Bing Ads “verba” policy it is not permitted while Google Ads, where currently our Ads are active, it seems they are not bothered with this policy at any time. These big giants are from the same sector and location, either in Ireland, they are both in Dublin. So, if it is something “dictated” by the Government, both should follow the same rules.

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