Top 5 Marketing mistakes you still doing in 2018

I don’t know you, but I am pretty sure you are still confused about SEO and Digital Marketing. The idea to hire somebody who knows better than you, because a professional, doesn’t tickle your fancies. Yes, there is a lot of information on the Internet, like Seo Master ninja guru secret techniques that only a few had the opportunity to learn and apply. They are now rich and famous because they know how Google (“the only search engine in the World”)  works. They are experts. Know it is easy, just going on the Internet and you can learn how to become a Digital Marketer in 24 hours so that you can even post on some Social Media channels already your expert opinion.

But still, we make mistakes. Still, the website doesn’t get traffic and mostly nobody cares about you and your web page. Here it comes the worse you can do to get it worst.

1) Backlinks desperation or depression

You read some expert online that tells you “You must have backlinks or you are useless”. So, you feel desperate and depress because you read that “Google loves backlinks”. What do you do then? You go to some website and buy backlinks. That’s sound nice. You just wasted your money and be in the chance to win a downgrade (nowadays is rare but still applies sometimes). Another very bad thing you can do it, is to go to some 5 bucks service website (sounds familiar to you?) and purchase a service for 1000+ HQ backlinks. Yeah. That must save my life, you think. Nothing far from the reality. See the previous point for the outcome.

Solution: Start writing good content and offer useful information. Know the “pain” of your audience. Be an expert in your niche. In simple words: Don’t build backlinks, earn backlinks.

2) Keyword anxiety

You have to put keywords everywhere. So you create a page with 200 words and start writing like an idiot about the nonsense sentence, which sounds so unnatural that if somebody who knows you read your post, they think you got some mental instability. The result. You have a shitty page, with useless content, nobody will read it.

Solution: Write genuinely, get inspirational content. Don’t be afraid to tell your story and your opinion. There is no right or wrong, just you that matter.

3) You want to be omnipresent like our Lord

You have limited resources, but you want to be on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. If there is a new Social Media channel, you have to be there too. The story ends with you having very huge gaps in time posting so nobody will follow you. Having too many channels you will for sure, spread the same content over and over. Try to stick with one or two portals, depending what’s your business and engage it. Publish regularly, write your content, write your opinion and don’t be afraid to interact with your followers.

4) I do Advertisement because of all they do it

This is another situation where you don’t have a clue about advertisement, PPC, CPM but you have to do it. Let’s spend some money on that. You think that because you are spending money on advertisement you will get a return on that. Well, did you track your campaigns correctly or at all? Did you create segments and you know what is your audience? Who you are targeting and what message you are communicating? It is not just about paying. Do it wrong and you will get an opposite effect.

5) Marketing is just SEO and PPC: WRONG

Another common idea is that Marketing is seen solely for Search Engine Optimization and Paid advertisement, while on the top level there is the customer, the only person who pays you the money. Remember that. Treat them well. When a new enquiry appears to your inbox or somebody new calls you, provide with the best customer experience, offer them a good quality package, let them feel special. It is useless to invest in digital Marketing activities if then the service you provide is shit. Have you ever seen restaurants and other local businesses on Groupon or similar voucher websites? Why do they advertise their business there at a fraction of the real price? In the past, I purchased several vouchers for pubs and restaurants in Dublin. Some of them had very bad service although the food was not. After 6 months they closed down. The reason? Their customer service was very bad. They attracted people using the vouchers, provided bad experience that customers wrote bad reviews. So instead of paying Groupon to generate new loyal customers and good reviews, they paid to get bad reviews and pissed customer.

If you read this and got something useful from me, I am happy, you made my day.

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