How to use Google Disavow Links Tool

Google Disavow Links Tool is a powerful resource to tell Google Search Engine your denial on negative external URL’s that link back to your website that might cause penalization in the Serp (Search Engine Result Page). Google recommends its web tool submission as the last resort in the case you tried to remove the backlink contacting a website owner and you didn’t succeed.

As explained by Google in its Knowledge base, “In general, a link from a site is regarded as a vote for the quality of your site” so in Seo this is usually one crucial task, called link building strategy, aimed to increase the number of backlinks, gaining visibility and Page Rank to a website. Sometimes when it is done aggressively or by an inexperienced person it could generate penalization more than improvement. In this article, I won’t cover the causes or mistakes for a penalization because I want to stick with the subject on how to use Google Disavow Tool. The following what you need to do.

Step One: List the URL’s to disavow (exclude) in a text file

Create a list of URL’s into a .txt file that will be uploaded when completed. You can use any editor as far as you can save a text file. There are two options to list an URL:

  • Disavow the exact URL link: you found only 1 static page that contains your website URL. In this case just put the full URL. Example: .
  • Disavow the domain: When a domain has more than one pages that contains a link to your website. You can use the syntax called domain. Example:

Example of disavow file for GoogleIf you are creating a disavow file because you are working on a reconsideration request, ensure to put as much detailed info in the comment as possible such as date when you contacted the website owner and the outcome. Once you finish listing all the bad backlinks, save your file. You can name it as you prefer, for example disavow.txt .If a domain has more than one urls that link back to your website, don’t waste time and just add the whole domain.

Step Two: Upload your disavow.txt file
Go to Search Console Disavow Links section here and select the website (if more than one you have) related to the links to disavow. Click on the red button “DISAVOW LINKS”.
You will read a message that “this is an advanced feature and should only be used with caution…” (you can read all the message in the next image).
If you are confident with this you can press again the disavow links button and you will see this message:
google disavow links tool in search console

Press choose file to upload your disavow.txt file previously created and press Submit (blue button). A further message will display your successful submission or eventually an error if there is an error into your .txt file.

Once the file has been submitted successfully you have to wait some time before Google will consider those links disavowed. You should receive an automatic email from Google Search Console, once this file has been activated.

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