Best WordPress Plugin for Google Tag Manager (Free)

Google Tag Manager is nowadays an useful and indispensable tool used by any Professional Marketer. The main reason is that you can manage the installation and configuration of almost any third party tags and trackers with Google Tag Manager. Plus, you don’t have to rely on programming skills to install into the website.

What I usually do is installing Google Tag Manager script first, then Google Analytics and other tracking system publishing them in Tag Manager. This way I am able to control under the same roof all the tags.

Another positive thing about Google Tag Manager is that you will avoid messing with tracking and configuration on the website, so you can make tests and publish versions of your tags on the Tag Manager website by Google. If there is something that is not working, you just need to make the fixing and publish your new version. You can also test it in preview mode before going live, but this is a topic on how to use it, rather than what plugin to install into your WordPress website.

So, let’s come back to us and our question: What is on my opinion a very good WordPress plugin to install Google Tag Manager script? Its name is Metronet Tag Manager, created by Ronald Huereca.

Metronet Tag Manager on WordPress repository

To install it, you just need to go to Plugin and select Add New. Then just search for Metronet Tag Manager. Once you installed and activated you will need to configure it, but it takes probably 5 minutes or less. Just in case, if you need to locate the setting section of this plugin, go to Settings > Metronet Tag Manager. In that section you will need to paste the code to install in the head of your pages, then in the body. You will find the exact code in Google Tag Manager. Once you save the configuration you are ready to go.

This plugin, which is why I advice you to install, allows also to play with variables in the Google Data Layer. This way you can track your website better, extracting values that are helpful to you to know a customer journey or if you have an e-commerce website, pass dynamic values from the cart or the thank you page, such as total payment or single item price.

Another reason why I am in love with this plugin is because the code is kept to a minimum to let the Tag manager code work but doesn’t overload your website with useless code. In fact, you can see it is installed into Setting section of your website, not like other plugins who create their own icon in the left vertical bar, which sometimes is disorienting.

Once again, this article is just about the Best WordPress plugin you can add into your website or a client website to install the code in GTM. I didn’t want on purpose write about special configurations on how to install other trackers such as Google Analytics or what variable to add. I will leave this in one of my future posts to be in topic with the title of my article.

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